Lucky Seven Sri Lanka Ristorante


LUCKY SEVEN is the first Sri Lankan restaurant opened in Milan, was in fact born in 1992 in the ‘intent to promote the traditional food culture of Sri Lanka, this beautiful tropical island by the fabulous landscapes that suggest the probable site of the legendary EDEN.

The local restaurant was obtained retooling an old workshop preserving the structure and the large skylights typical of ‘post-war industrial architecture.

In three large bright rooms, we tried to recreate the color and warmth of the homeland with a simple decoration obtained by traditional elements BATIK.

The restaurant offers two different types of service:

AN ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET at the fixed price of €17 excluding drinks based on the formula of “self-service” where customers can use at will of meat, fish and chicken, numerous side dishes such as rice, pasta, vegetables, salads and different ” desserts “all made the second typical Sri Lankan culinary tradition. This service is offered at noon on weekdays at a special price of €10 including 1/4 of wine or beer or other drinks and coffee is also offered free of charge to customers on the evening of their birthday .

A formula “à la carte” selection of items such as:
Fish balls

Beef ravioli

Vegetable rolls

Chicken in a spicy sauce with vegetables

pork in a spicy sauce with vegetables

shrimp in spicy sauce with vegetables

calamari in a spicy sauce with vegetables

Fried shrimp

Skewers of crabs

fried calamari

For its size the room lends itself particularly suited to business lunches and banquets for ceremonies and anniversaries, and on these occasions a request may be offered a special menu at the agreed price.

The environment is marked by kindness and cordiality and the staff is distinguished by its professionalism

The rooms: 3 rooms with air conditioning, all rooms non-smoking rooms.


Heating and air conditioning

Atmosphere: Music or closed-circuit television programs with SRI LANKA in English. Ideal for families and children.

Address: No. 8 Pasinetti (off Via Ripamonti all ‘height no. 142) tram 24, bus 95 and 34

We are open throughout the month of August

Booking is recommended.

Closed on Tuesdays