Lucky Seven Sri Lanka Ristorante

Welcome to our new blog!!

Hi! Welcome to our new blog. We’re excited to start trying this out. We’ll probably be blogging about everything that goes into running a restaurant. The food, the decor, managing, running a business, updates, and more! So be sure to check back for updates on what’s new with us and what’s going on in our restaurant.

When we first started this business so many years ago we had no idea where we’d be today. So much has changed, so many customers have come in our doors and so many employees too. We’ve learned a lot and we’ve learned how to double down on our strengths and hire for our weaknesses. It’s really been a rush. We love our work and we’d love it if you came by and said hello. We love meeting new customers and we like to think of our restaurant of sort of a melting pot for meeting new and interesting people.

Also, we’re really excited to start renovations on our new shop so we’ll probably be talking about construction, design, decor, ambience on this blog. It’s really important, you know. There’s so many elements that go into a perfect dining experience. You have to consider them all, but not be too focused that you lose sight of the bigger picture. And that is always providing great food and a great place to people to come together to spend an evening.

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